NFL rumors: Chris Jones sends Chiefs, Raiders fans into frenzy with 1 emoji


Imagine this as a quarterback, Maxx Crosby ripping through the corners of the offensive line while Chris Jones collapses the pocket in front of you. It is a scary sight to see and one that most leaders on the offense do not ever want to get a glimpse of. But, it looks like that vision is slowly becoming a reality. Coach Antonio Pierce could be getting a big boost for the Las Vegas Raiders defense as the Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle toys around with the emotions of fans and the media.

Chris Jones tweeted a cryptic handshake emoji in response to an article about him joining Antonio Pierce’s Raiders. A fan posted, “You do this and you’re dead to us @StoneColdJones,” which prompted the hilarious response from the Chiefs’ star on defense.

There is still no certainty as to whether Jones will actually form the scariest defensive duo in the league, let alone leave Coach Andy Reid as the Chiefs start to make a dynasty. But, there have been speculations swirling around that a hefty bag of cash could be awaiting him in another squad that his team cannot match.

General manager Brett Veach has stated that the Chiefs have re-signing Jones as their top priority this offseason. The defensive tackle has one simple want when it comes to negotiations, be paid $30 million per year. This makes him the third-highest-paid player on defense with only Aaron Donald and Nick Bosa making more.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13) is pressured by Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones (95) in the second half in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium
© Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Hypotheticals never hurt, so why not dabble in them? Coach Pierce can start winning games with the Raiders’ defense. This helps as they try to develop their offense with Davante Adams in the coming months. Moreover, they can employ schemes that will terrorize any quarterback in the league with him and Maxx Crosby. Despite his age, Jones has still produced big numbers for the Chiefs. He recorded 30 combined tackles with 10 of them being assisted while also getting 10.5 sacks. Not to mention, it was just in the 2022 season where he finished with 15.5 quarterback takedowns.


A lot can happen in the next few weeks but Jones going to a rival might actually give Chiefs fans a heart attack.

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