Not G.h.o.s.t .R.i.d.e.r as expected, What role will he play in M.C.U.?


Responding to a fan tweet, Geek WorldWide editor-in-chief KC Walsh revealed that it is highly likely that Keanu Reeves will play Moon Knight in the MCU.

Keanu Reeves trở thành Ghost Rider trong MCU?Keanu Reeves để ngỏ khả năng đóng phim Marvel với vai diễn trong mơ

Throughout the development schedule,  Marvel Studios has found a lot of actors to match their comic characters. Whether it’s the ultimate wizard, the Norse god, or the billionaire with a genius mind, the studio makes it easy to choose the right stars for them. That’s why, for a long time, Marvel fans have no doubt about the casting process of this studio, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to come up with ideas and want a number of ac tors to play the roles of actors. future 

Marvel characters .


Chadwick Boseman.

From accurately predicting 42-year-old actor Chadwick Boseman to play Black Panther , recently, fans have continued to give their ideas and wishes. And thankfully, although not all dream roles come true, Marvel executives always listen to their fans. It is known that since the beginning of his career revival, Keanu Reeves has repeatedly missed appointments with Marvel Studios .


Keanu Reeves.

From being forced to turn down the role of 

Jude Law in  Captain Marvel  due to scheduling conflicts to rumors about joining the cast of The Eternals , audiences truly think that Keanu Reeves is indeed a good fit for this universe, but grace has not come yet. Kevin Feige even shared that he wanted Reeves to participate in the MCU project  . And recently, in response to a fan tweet, Geek WorldWide editor-in-chief KC Walsh  revealed that it is highly likely that Keanu Reeves will play Moon Knight in the MCU .


Keanu Reeves is also expected to play Ghost Rider in the MCU.

Given the charisma and dark looks of Keanu Reeves , the actor is sure to fit a lot of Marvel characters , not just  Moon Knight . However, his age may limit his chances of getting a long contract with Marvel . Let’s wait for the official information in the future!


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