Shocking Twist: Innocent Friendship With Predator Frog Takes An Unexpected Turn


This is the extraordinary moment when a hungry frog opens its jaws to eat a mouse for lunch, but then changes its mind and befriends the rodent. The astonishing scene was captured by a photographer watching a white-sided tree frog sitting on a tree branch next to a tiny white-sided mouse.
At first, the frog looks anxiously at the mouse, opens its jaws and sticks out its tongue. The small flank mouse clings on, holding its tails as the frog opens its jaws to bite it on a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia. The mouse looks up, apparently surprised to discover that it is not deep in the frog’s stomach.

The little flank mouse squares with the frog in Jakarta, Indonesia. The mouse may have been lucky enough to avoid becoming a frog’s dinner, at least for today.

The little mouse closes his eyes, preparing for what is to come, until the frog changes his mind and decides not to eat the rodent.

Photographer Tanto Yensen, who captured the extraordinary moment in Jakarta, Indonesia, said it was extremely strange that the frog didn’t eat the mouse. He said: “The frog opened the seal to try to eat it, but then changed its mind and made friends with the mouse.” The images show that anyone can be a friend.


Little white mouse sniffs the frog after passing it for food in Jakarta, Indonesia Little white mouse pats the frog’s head after passing it for food, a reward for its kindness in Jakarta, Indonesia

The tiny rodent sniffs and Ƅfesses the frog after eating its plate in Jakarta, Indonesia. “Usually, frogs eat mice, so I don’t know why it didn’t happen this time. After that, they seemed like the best of friends.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a frog deciding not to eat a mouse, it’s a very special moment. “It shows how anyone can be a friend, even sometimes the person we’re supposed to stop hating.”


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