The leopard chased and ripped the antelope. It took only 10 seconds


Deepak Shankar, 35, a businessman working in Bangalore, India, while visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya, along the Tanzanian border, documented the remarkable chase and hunt. the astonishment of a leopard.

An unlucky African antelope gets into the spotlight to be the leopard’s dinner.

The leopard only takes 10 seconds to grab its prey.

“The leopard in the picture is Imani, with three young cubs. They tried to hunt all day but failed. I waited over 2 hours to see Imani emerge from the bush where it was hiding. The whole thing happened so fast, the leopard was right behind the antelope and they rushed towards us. I was shocked when I fixed the position and started taking pictures,” 

 said Shankar.


“The leopard chased the antelope for 10 seconds and my hands were shaking trying to check the camera to see if I was following the correct procedure. The antelope was killed right next to my jeep,” added the businessman from India.

The leopard’s blood-stained face after eating dinner.


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