The Rock was suddenly “unmasked” by Jason Statham: Movie stars act but are afraid of heights and needles

The movie is not enough, the star couple of Hobbs and Shaw continues to “unmask” their colleagues in real life.

Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, Hollywood’s most famous “friendship” couple in recent days and also prominent stars of the Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw series, continues to “storm” making the audience Netizens enjoy. The number is recently, Jason Statham did not hesitate to ‘reveal’ The Rock’s biggest fear to the whole world with a tone that could not be more sarcastic and witty:

“You know, The Rock looks aggressive but who knows he doesn’t really have any tattoos. Because he is afraid of needles! He’s also afraid of heights, so when there’s any action that has to be done at height, we seem to have to work hard to lower the tall building to breathe because he’s really scared. . We had to build a car that he could fit in, maybe put a layer of butter on it to make it easier for him to sit in order to film!”


According to Jason Statham, the tattoos that audiences have often seen of The Rock since the days of wrestling and in the movies are not permanent tattoos but rather temporary tattoos that can be changed. The blockbuster star is afraid of needles, so perhaps this tattoo application is quite suitable for The Rock.

That’s not the only thing The Rock fears according to its co-star. The actor starred in a movie called Skyscraper and played a running scene from above in Hobbs & Shaw. The actor looks quite eloquent but in reality he has a fear of heights. However, he is the most famous action movie star in the world, so the production crew had to lower the entire building to reduce the level of fear. It sounds pretty reasonable, so it’s no wonder Hobbs & Shaw has a $200 million budget.


In the past, many reporters have heard Jason Statham joke about The Rock’s oversized body, sharing how they got the actor into the McLaren in Hobbs & Shaw with special effects and…CGI. Obviously for Jason Statham, The Rock’s ‘action’ and muscular physique is not an advantage or something to aspire to, but rather a weakness that brings inconvenience to the actor. .

It is not clear with Jason’s ‘half-joking half-truth’ storytelling, whether The Rock really encounters the above difficulties or not? However, it’s great to see the two actors who are close from the movie to the real life and work well together. Their humor and action skills in ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ will be a stepping stone for the two actors to continue to have more impressive joint projects in the future.


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