The zebra could not keep up with the herd and was attacked by the hyenas. And the end?


The zebra was pregnant and could not keep up with the herd, so it was attacked by a pack of hyenas.

According to the Daily Mail, the terrifying scene was captured by photographer Marc Mol in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. 20 hyenas follow and knock down the pregnant zebra. The zebra could not resist a whole pack of ferocious predators and became their delicious meal.
Terrified  of hyenas eating zebras
The pregnant zebra could not escape the attack of dozens of hyenas.
Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
The hyenas huddled behind the zebra

Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
The zebra was unable to fight off the predators but still managed to get up.
Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
Fierce hyenas attack 

Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
and the zebra can’t run away
Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
The attack continues.

Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
A hyena is holding an unborn baby zebra in the womb of its mother.

Terrified of hyenas eating zebras
The attack shows how dangerous a hyena can be, especially when it attacks in packs.

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