This Dude Spotted A Huge UFO And OMG The Aliens May Have Finally Arrived


While Elon Musk is busy trying to get us earthlings to Mars, the aliens have arriived!
I’m not just talking about cosplayers at comic conventions either. Someone or something is here and a man named Jason Swing in North Carolina got the cold hard evidence ON TAPE.

Jason said he was heading to pick up a boat from Lake Norman, North Carolina one rainy day when he saw a UFO!!!!
Tbh, that video is so shaky it’s hard to tell if it’s an alien aircraft or a blimp. Can someone tell Jason to be a little more steady next time he spots a potential alien invasion?

In the video’s description, Jason wrote, “Rain finally stopped so we went [to] pick up a boat from Lake Norman. When [I] came around the corner, I saw this thing sitting still, very close…”


Yeah, yeah, this potential alien invasion is interesting, but I think the bigger issue here is why the heck do people think it’s OK to film clearly-will-be-viral videos in portrait mode!? Like, who does that!? Give me landscape mode or nothing at all, man!

Thoughts so far?
Since the video was taken back on May 29, there seemed to be potential an alien takeover is nigh, but Goodyear Blimp put all the commotion to rest and said the UFO was, in fact, a blimp.

Goodyear reportedly said, “We don’t want to get in the way of a good story, but that’s definitely us. We left the Charlotte area 5/29 after covering the Coke 600 [Nascar race].”


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