Top 5 ‘crazy things’ of Neymar that Kylian Mbappe knows by heart


laying together and playing is also quite close, so gradually Neymar’s habits were learned by Kylian Mbappe.

5. Fashion style

Top 5 Neymar's 'crazy things' that Kylian Mbappe knows by heart - Football

Neymar is considered by the fans as a player with a very good fashion style. He can transform into many different styles. Especially Neymar is a star who loves branded goods. And recently reporters have caught Kylian Mbappe in contact with Neymar in the way he dresses.


Both are wearing red sportswear and the only difference is that Neymar’s inner t-shirt is black and the French player’s is white. Recently, if you follow the social networks of the two players closely, it is almost as if Mbappe has a very cool fashion sense and perhaps he learns from his senior.

4. The same bullying

Top 5 Neymar's 'crazy things' that Kylian Mbappe knows by heart - Football

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with learning from seniors. The fact that Mbappe improves his fashion knowledge or references to football is a positive thing for him. But even Neymar’s ecstatic eating habits are also learned by this young star. Recently, the media compared the painful fall of Neymar and Mbappe in the national team shirt.


A very strange thing is that every detail of facial expressions to falling posture and screaming in pain are exactly the same. Perhaps playing together for so long at PSG has made these two stars understand each other so much that it is the same.


3. Hair color

Top 5 Neymar's 'crazy things' that Kylian Mbappe knows by heart - Football

Perhaps the fans know that Neymar is the “trending king” so he quickly catches the trends in dress and hairstyle. It can be said that since the movement to let platinum hair take the throne, this star is one of the leading players.


And not long after that, Mbappe also dyed the same head. The only difference is that he cut his hair close and Neymar let his hair float.

2. The style of leading the ball

A video of PSG’s training scene closes the way Mbappe dribbles. His ball paths almost bear the image of the Brazilian superstar. It is not clear whether this is a good thing or a bad thing because if you keep imitating Neymar playing football, it will soon affect the personal style of the French player.


1. Fun

Top 5 Neymar's 'crazy things' that Kylian Mbappe knows by heart - Football

In addition to the style of playing, fashion, hairstyle… Mbappe also imitates his elder brother Neymar in having fun. On the occasion of last Halloween, it was these two players who dressed up alike to celebrate. In addition, he also went to the places where Neymar passed.


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