UNBELIEVABLE! Real reasoп why Taylor Swift has пot made aпy pυblic appearaпce siпce arriviпg iп Los Aпgeles – It is what we have beeп sυspectiпg all aloпg.. aпd Faпs are ‘PANICKING’


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce looking good together

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fans are used to seeing the pair together everywhere. Their fans have grown accustomed to seeing the pair everywhere.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

That is until recently when the pair decided to take a break.

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift in Couple’s Therapy

Relationships can be a challenge for everyone. However, it is nearly impossible to have privacy when you are a high-profile couple like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Taylor and Travis Kelce

Fans are invested in the couple’s love story, which adds a lot of relationship pressure on them. So they were all for it when they decided to attend couples therapy.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s sources claim that the therapy sessions were precautionary. They felt it necessary to take this step in hopes of preserving their relationship.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

It has also been beneficial for each of them to learn some new coping mechanisms to handle the stress that comes with such a relationship. They are each dedicated to making their relationship work. However, after the latest news, fans are beginning to grow concerned that something is amiss.

News of Super Couple’s Decision to Take a Break Panics Fans

Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce have decided to take a break. Fans have been freaking out that the news of the pair’s need for a break means there is trouble in paradise.


Travis and Taylor reveal they have entered their low-key era. So what does that mean for everyone’s favorite celebrity couple?

According to Vogue, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s break is no Rachel and Ross drama. They choose to stay out of the spotlight and enjoy private time together. Some are calling it the couple’s nesting period.

This means that the couple simply wants to hole up somewhere. For now, it is Los Angeles, California, playing house together away from the spotlight. So, this does not mean a breakup for the pair. It is a practice session for the next steps of their relationship.


Playing house and practicing marriage will benefit Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. It will give them private time together to learn more about each other. It could be just the test they need before taking that next important step.

So for now fans want them to practice away. Hopefully, once their hiatus ends, they will be closer to walking down the aisle. There is no need to panic. Travis and Taylor are not taking a break from each other, just from everyone else.


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