What if he replaced H.u.g.h J.a.c.k.m.a.n as ‘Wolf Man’ W.o.l.v.e.r.i.n.e.?


Wolverine has always been one of the most popular and best-selling characters in the X-Men franchise . For the past 17 years, this role has been played by handsome actor Hugh Jackman, who is considered to be born to embody the romantic guy Logan. After the 2017 Logan movie, Hugh Jackman decided to part with the charming role to find himself another direction, leaving infinite regrets for fans and an empty place in the X-Men cast.

keanua reeves batman wolverine 110186

Keanu Reeves prefers Wolverine to Batman.

Many fans think that the role should not be re-cast because Hugh Jackman’s shadow is too big. However, fans will not object if an action movie actor of the caliber like Keanu Reeves intends to give it a try. In an interview with the movie site Screengeek , the actor who played John Wick shared his thoughts on the character Wolverine.


Create a fanmade image when Keanu plays the role of Werewolf.

Screengeek: A few years ago you said that if you were to play a comic book character, you would choose Wolverine or Batman, but in the end you didn’t, right?

Keanu Reeves: (laughs) Oh, it’s not like I can’t. Those roles are already cast.


Screengeek: Yeah, they’ve already found the right actor. But now those roles are vacant.

Keanu Reeves: Of the two characters above, I like Wolverine more.

Screengeek: If you’re talking about superhero characters in general, what other characters do you like?

Keanu Reeves: Honestly not.

wolverine keanu reeves 1

Not as familiar to the eye as Hugh Jackman, but not too bad.

After all these years, it seems that Keanu Reeves still has his heart to try once as Wolverine. In fact, the style of “the” Keanu is very suitable for this role: quiet, cold, “faceless” does not need too many expressions when acting, but focuses on the best action scenes. High.


The character of Wolverine itself is somewhat similar to the role of John Wick that Keanu Reeves is playing, a reclusive master who does not like noise, a model “anti-hero” character that many people like.

keanureeves wolverine 2

A very nice version of fanart that we hope to see on the big screen.

In fact, when it comes to looks, Hugh Jackman and Keanu Reeves are quite tall compared to the original Wolverine. In the story, this guy is muscular but quite… short with a height of only 1.6 meters while Hugh Jackman is 1.88 meters tall and Keanu Reeves is 1.86 meters tall.

However, they fit the role because they have a beautiful chin like the original and are very photogenic when wearing a beard, which is a characteristic of the appearance of the character Logan when on film for many years.

keanu reeves wolverine

Keanu has experience in action movies, martial arts skills are very suitable for the role of Logan.

In the end, despite many rumors, the role of Wolverine is still hanging when this Marvel comic character is franchised to Fox along with other X-men characters. However, Disney, which owns Marvel, is also negotiating to buy Fox in early June for $70 billion.

keanu reeves wolverine movie 758x401

Keanu Reeves’ face matches the original comic book very well.

This franchise controversy will never end so that the management companies will have their hands free to decide the fate of this guy Logan? According to Lost Bird readers , are there any other actors besides Keanu Reeves who are suitable for the role of Wolverine?


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