Why did he choose to live alone for so long?


Keanu Reeves lived with loneliness for nearly two decades, until the appearance of Alexandra Grant made his heart skip a beat again.

Since the 1980s, Keanu Charles Reeves has become an icon of Canadian cinema in particular and Hollywood in general thanks to his outstanding acting talent. He is known as an action superstar with eye-catching fighting scenes in the series The Matrix and John Wick .


In everyday life, Reeves is a kind, gentle, compassionate man with admirable chivalry. This is also the charm that makes many girls constantly fall in love with Reeves.

Keanu Reeves' love 1
The handsome, romantic look of Keanu Reeves in his youth is undeniable. 

Despite being desired by many women, Keanu Reeves has been seen single for nearly 20 years. Lessons Learned in Life suggests that maybe because of the painful past, the star born in 1964 has closed her heart and is not ready to accept new love.


Tragedy lost a child, girlfriend died in an accident

In his youth, “assassin John Wick” dated many beauties, in which the love affair with Jennifer Syme was the deepest. The duo met on a party night in 1998 and fell in love not long after because they realized that the two were very compatible in terms of personality and thinking.

The love story of the couple is very secretive and peaceful until a big shock occurs. On December 24, 1999, their daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves was born and died within minutes of being born prematurely. That day, the California sky suddenly became strangely sad, like the world itself darkened in the minds of Reeves and Syme. A pain too great to be relieved.

This injury is also the reason why the two let go of each other’s hands. But after that split, they remained close even though there was no longer any bond. And finally, Syme also left Reeves and went in a car accident in 2001.


Her body was buried next to her daughter’s grave at Westwood Cemetery, Los Angeles. At the funeral, not only felt sorry for the short life of the young actress, many people could not help but see the image of Reeves emaciated, trying to swallow tears deep inside in front of the coffin of the person they loved. . 

There are no words to describe the actor’s feelings at that time. Three years with 2 losses, Reeves’s psyche was almost broken, and he did not allow himself to love anyone more.

Keanu Reeves' love 3
Keanu Reeves is upset at his ex-girlfriend’s funeral. 



 Confiding in Parade magazine in 2006, Reeves expressed: “I miss them – people I used to see as a part of my life. I wonder what it would be like if they were still here, we were still together? Things great ever, I will never forget.

It’s not fair. It’s absurd. Pain only changes shape but never goes away. Everyone makes the mistake that you can deal with pain and just say ‘It’s over, I’m getting better’. But they are wrong. When your loved one is gone, you will live in solitude.

Wounded heart is healed after nearly 2 decades

Keanu Reeves began to bury himself in movies so that there was no time for sadness. He lives alone, alone. There hasn’t been a picture of Reeves hugging or kissing someone passionately on the street in nearly 20 years.


The cult actor also gradually turned himself into a messy gentleman, so much so that many people couldn’t believe it when they saw the Hollywood star drinking coffee and eating cake in the park in ragged clothes and beard. pruning like a homeless man.

Keanu Reeves' love 4
Keanu Reeves – Hollywood’s million-dollar star – in a disheveled look like a homeless person. 

In all these years, Reeves rarely smiled. He attached cold but introspective roles like the tragedy in his life. However, praise must be given to the star  John Wick because no matter how stuck he is, he still does not rely on alcohol or stimulants to relieve his sadness.


Reeves said: “Every difficulty in life helps you and me grow. Be grateful for the dark times because they make us stronger.”

Unbound by love, the 55-year-old star cares for others more than herself. Reeves used to deduct $80 million from the paycheck for The Matrix to divide among the post-production staff. He also gave a Christmas gift worth $20,000 to the family of an employee with difficult circumstances.

In 2003, “The kindest man on the planet” shared in an interview: “Money is the last thing on my mind. I can live on what I have made for the next few centuries.”

2019 marks a strong return of Reeves on both career and emotional paths. After attracting attention with the blockbuster  John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,  Reeves continued to make waves in the media when he announced his girlfriend at the LACMA Art + Film gala in Los Angeles a few days ago.

Nearly 2 decades have passed, and Reeves has finally found a new destination for the aftertaste of love. Daily Mail revealed that the other half of the actor is fine art artist Alexandra Grant, 46 years old. The two got to know each other when they jointly built X Artists’ Books and also published two books, Ode to happiness and Shadows .

Earlier in October, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant were discovered by paparazzi cameras dating at a restaurant in California, USA. They stepped out of the John Wick star’s Porsche and said goodbye to each other after a three-hour meal.

It is not known how long they will be together, but for now, Grant must be loving and understanding enough to conquer Reeves’ wounded heart. In the coming months, fans hope that Grant will always make the actor smile, like the way they held hands, looking at each other happily in the first public relationship.


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