Will Smith ‘lost his breath’ with sci-fi series


Once a box office superstar thanks to sci-fi movies in the 1990s, but until now, Will Smith seems to have lost his career form when he has repeatedly failed with this genre.

At the height of his glory, few actors could match Will Smith for his ability to secure commercial revenues. However, up to now, his comebacks to this genre have all had unexpected results.
Consecutive failure with forte movies
The two most unfortunate failures of Will Smith in the nearest sci-fi series have to be After Earth (2013) and Gemini Man (2019) . Despite being run by famous directors (M. Night Shyamalan and Ang Lee) as well as high investment amounts, both of these “blockbuster” films turned into “bombs” upon release and failed to deliver. impress critics and the general public. If After Earth is called by the Western press the most embarrassing failure of Will Smith in history, it will be his first film to not even climb to #2 in the weekly North American box office chart . first came out, then Gemini Manwas commented as an old action work, lacking in “overturning” or mind-boggling details, not dramatic enough.

Will Smith gradually lost his place in the sci-fi movie genre that once made his name

Photo: Screen Rant


Going further, Will Smith once admitted that he regrets turning down the role of Neo in The Matrix to star in the Wild Wild West movie , especially after seeing how critics rave about The Matrix and watch here. was the most influential action film at the time. Many viewers wondered why Will Smith refused to cooperate with the Wachowski sisters, instead, he returned with the sci-fi movie Men in Black II
 in 2002. However, it was far from the fantasy. to the public’s disappointment, the work was criticized for its lack of creativity and as a failed sequel to its predecessor.
In 2004, Will Smith once again returned to the sci-fi genre with I, Robot, adapted from the story of the same name by Isaac Asimov. In general,  I, Robot does well overall, but the box office performance is far behind the successful works that he himself established since the 1990s.
Cause of failure
According to Screen Rant , this decline can be attributed to a few factors. First, both the Men in Black II and I, Robot films attempt to follow blockbuster trends from the 1990s at a time when the landscape was rapidly changing and the superhero genre was in its infancy. take over. Second, they were created at a time when it was no longer important for a ” movie star ” to decide the movie, and the franchise was becoming more and more popular.
Will Smith is well aware of this. That’s why he had a more impressive comeback with 
I Am Legend in 2007, adapted from the fiction novel by Richard Matheson written in 1954. Will Smith then collaborated with the famous screenwriter. Gary Whitta in After Earth . As detailed in Ben Fritz’s book The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Film , Will Smith turned to Sony with plans to not only make After Earth , but also its sequels, television shows ( including anime and live-action), comic books…

After Earth is the movie expected by Will Smith but failed in both revenue and quality

Photo: Screen Rant


All as part of a cross-platform franchise that showcases his efforts to adapt to the franchise era, while also giving his son Jaden Smith a launch pad for his career. film. However, the film was not a success, and Will Smith’s dream of a cinematic universe was drowned out by negative reviews from critics. Jaden Smith’s acting immaturity, unfavorable opening times (conflicting Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious , and Now You See Me ) make the film a forgettable setback in Will Smith’s career.
After Earth: Los valores de Will Smith
On the other hand, the failure of Gemini Man (the first sci-fi movie Will Smith starred in after After Earth ) has less to do with its main star and more to do with realism. external economy. The script of  Gemini Man has been around since 1997 and has been passed down through several stages, many of whom are involved in dissecting analysis. That is probably why the story in the final film version is somewhat faded, has no mark of its own, leading to failure at launch.
According to Variety , Netflix is ​​continuing to develop plans to promote creative black artists. Accordingly, Netflix will donate $5 million to various creators and organizations. Of that amount, $1.5 million goes to Ghetto Film School, a project related to independent films, non-profit filmmaking company Firelight Media, and Black Public Media. In addition, Netflix will provide $1 million in grants to the following organizations: Know Your Rights Camp, the Posse Foundation, and Black Girls Code. Finally, Netflix awarded $500,000 to black-owned businesses in Los Angeles (USA). 
Screen Rant  said that Will Smith is currently still a promising name in the sci-fi movie genre. However, with the failures he has experienced, the actor needs to really pay attention to the script, choose a new direction as well as capture the right premiere time.

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