Willow Smith opens up about his famous father Will Smith and his rebellious childhood.


The youngest daughter of the Will Smith family has shared about her harsh childhood with her famous father.

Willow Smith in addition to being a singer, she is also famous in Hollywood by her father, an excellent actor Will Smith . Willow recently shared how she was once forced to become a star by her father, even though she didn’t want it.


All three of Will Smith’s children are involved in the arts

Although Will Smith’s children all have a close relationship with their father, raising three is not always easy, especially under the pressure of the spotlight. Will and eldest son Trey Smith had a cold relationship for part of Trey’s childhood. And raising Willow and Jaden Smith in fame is an equally complicated task.



However, all Smith children inherited their parents’ talents. By Willow, Trey and Jaden are all involved in the music industry. Jaden Smith even had some successful roles like in Karate Kid.

Willow Smith once revealed she never wanted to be famous after ‘Whip My Hair’


From the outside, the Smiths are a perfect family. But ever since Jada and Willow’s 

Red Table Talk Facebook series premiered, fans have known that what goes on behind the scenes isn’t as perfect as it looks in the movies. 


When Willow recorded the single Whip My Hair , she immediately became a star. But she once shared about her reluctance to be famous – which her father forced her to become.

Willow told her mother in the series,  “You definitely have to forgive Jada and Dad for everything about Whip My Hair. It’s mainly because of dad because he’s too harsh at times.” Willow also said that her father wanted her to finish her album, but she didn’t care.

Willow Smith didn’t want to be famous and ended up shaving her head in frustration, due to pressure from her father who made her a star. “Honestly, it was a stressful period that lasted for several years. I have to try to regain my trust because I feel like I’m not being heard and no one cares about how I feel.”


Will Smith admits 2012 was a tumultuous year for the whole family


The Smith family has shared about a stressful time between them. Will revealed in an interview with Haute Living that 2012 was a difficult year for the family because the children no longer listened to him. Will recalls the tension with his famous daughter, “Willow was really the first one to decide that she didn’t want to do what I said anymore. She really challenged me.” Because of the turmoil in the family, after that year, Will took two years off to focus on being the father and partner the family needed.


Now, no one is aware of the tensions in the Smith family anymore. Will, Jada and their children have been more open to sharing their conflicting times. Willow has forgiven her parents for what happened in her past, and they seem to have found their place to balance the chaos between stardom and ordinary people’s lives. .





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