Detecting alien flying saucers in New Zealand

UFO enthusiasts believe they have spotted an alien object in New Zealand using Google Maps.
A strange unidentified flying object believed to be a UFO has been spotted over St Kilda Beach, southern New Zealand. Photos shared online show a gray object bulging toward the center, seemingly floating in the air. Some alien research enthusiasts, including famous conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, believe this mysterious object is the answer to the question: Are UFOs real?
This strange thing was discovered very randomly when a user was looking for some assistance from the street view function of Google Maps and suddenly came across an unusual phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.
Detecting alien flying saucers in New Zealand photo 1

Mr. Waring shared this strange finding on his ET Data Base blog and YouTube channel. He said: “Someone sent these images to my email today. It was found using the online version of Google Earth Map. This UFO is shaped like a disk but bulging towards the center. It looks like it’s made of metal. I can’t find any details to conclude this is a hot air balloon or other flying devices, drones. irregular and the air around it appears to be distorted as if its propulsion system is changing the temperature and the surrounding air.”

The discovery also received rave reviews on YouTube, where many of Mr Waring’s fans described it as a “wonderful phenomenon”. One viewer commented: “I wonder how people can deny these photos. It seems to be a definite answer to what we are still wondering.”
Detecting alien flying saucers in New Zealand photo 2

However, this is not the first time Mr. Waring has claimed that the findings from Google Maps have led us to conclude the existence of UFOs. Previously, he had shared images of what he believed to be a “flood fleet”. Another time, he said he had found an entire ancient city and underwater pyramid, near the Cuban coast.

Discovered alien flying saucers in New Zealand photo 3

However, most experts can explain these UFO sightings through an effect known as pareidolia. Pareidolia is a trick of the mind that occurs when people see recognizable shapes where they don’t exist. For example, pareidolia is when you see clouds with animals or smiling faces in the windshield of a car.

Detecting alien flying saucers in New Zealand photo 4
Astronomer Larry Sessions wrote in an article for “You’ve probably seen a sassy rabbit in a cloud or a clown’s face in a puddle of mud splashing onto the side of a car. It’s a a kind of psychosomatic syndrome, everyone goes through it one or more times.

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