Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt


Surely you already have at least an idea of ​​​​Egypt, however, there are many more interesting things about ancient Egypt that you never knew.

When people talk about antiquity, they basically envision the appearance of people wearing no or very little clothing who went to harvest crops and believed in evil spirits or curses.But those are the stereotypes that live in our minds. The life of the ancient Egyptians was so busy that even people living today are surprised.

1. How to get rid of “one-of-a-kind” flies

Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 1.
The Egyptian pharaohs had a rather unique way of repelling flies, which was to apply honey on the bodies of slaves standing near them. Flies are attracted to honey, so they will swarm the slave and not disturb the pharaohs.
2. Egyptian men and women both love makeup
Both sexes like to wear thick makeup because they believe that doing so will be protected by the gods. These cosmetics are made by grinding ores, which are usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead).
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 2.
The Egyptians believed that make-up had a miraculous healing or disease-preventing effect. Specifically, cosmetics made from lead along the banks of the Nile helped people at that time prevent eye infections.However, few people know that the original purpose of that makeup is to protect against the sun.
3. Children don’t wear clothes
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 3.Ancient Egyptian children did not wear clothes until they reached adolescence, about 12-13 years old. According to the concept of the ancient Egyptians, children do not need to cover their bodies. And another important reason is because the weather in Egypt is too hot.
4. The pharaoh’s hair
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 4.Very few people have ever seen the pharaoh’s real hair. Only very close family members can see it. The pharaohs never showed their real hair in public. Egyptian kings always wore hair masks and the hair masks were made of pure gold.
5. Hair shows status
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 5.In ancient Egypt, looking at the hairstyle could tell a person’s social status. The rich often wear wigs while the other classes keep their hair naturally long or braided in the back.Egyptian boys under the age of 12 often shave their heads to prevent heat and lice.
6. Ancient Egyptians’ conception of the earth
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 6.The ancient Egyptians believed that the earth was round and flat like a disc and that the Nile River flows through the center of the earth.
7. Egyptian women enjoy many rights and freedoms
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 7.In terms of social status, Egyptian women are said to have a lower status than men. However, they are still recognized for their equal rights and respected financially and legally.They have the right to buy and sell property, even name on legal contracts, divorce and remarry. Although Egyptian women rarely go to work, if they do, they are paid the same salary as men.
8. How to embalm
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 8.During embalming, the brain is removed through the nose. Other organs will be removed from the body and placed in a jar. The only part left in the body is the heart because the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart contained the soul.
9. Queen Cleopatra’s background
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 9.In fact, Queen Cleopatra, the last pharaoh with the beauty to conquer Cairo is not Egyptian but of Greek origin. Although born in Alexandria, Queen Cleopatra was a member of a Macedonian (Greek) family She was the last descendant of the reign of Ptolemy I and was one of Alexander the Great’s most trusted “assistants”.
10. Slaves are not pyramid builders
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 10.Contrary to previous speculations that slaves were the key force to build the pyramid, scientists and archaeologists have found evidence that the pyramid was hired by the government and paid for it. commensurate work.The Greek historian Herodotus was the first to suggest that slavery was the main force that built the pyramids. However, most modern historians reject that view.
11. Commemorating Dead Cats
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 11.Among pets, the cat is the one that the Egyptians worshiped the most. When a cat dies, the entire owner’s family will mourn like a loved one, and shave their eyebrows to commemorate the animal’s soul.
12. Stone Pillow
Revealing amazing little-known facts about ancient Egypt - Photo 12.An indispensable item for the sleep of the ancient Egyptians was a pillow made of stone. This pillow is quite high and certainly not comfortable.In addition to the above, here are some fascinating facts about the Egyptians that may surprise you: The Neolithic period of Egypt dates back to 9000 BC. The first pyramids were built when mammoths were still roaming the earth. The ancient Egyptian state fell in the 7th century, just before the arrival of the Vikings.

– The longest reigning record was set by Pepi II and can hardly be repeated by anyone. Some scientists claim he reigned for 94 years.

– Power is passed from father to son, but if there is no male successor, women will become the rulers. One of the first women to ascend the throne was Hatshepsut. Just like the male rulers, she must wear a crown, scepter, and fake beard. That is why Hatshepsut is often depicted with a beard.

– Archaeologists have found boats, thrones, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics inside the pyramids during various excavations. That’s why drinks and fruit were also placed in the tomb along with the dead king.

– The Egyptians were among the first to start domesticating animals. They tamed a donkey in 4500 BC and a goose in 3000 BC. At the same time, cats were also loved by the Egyptians, and they began cohabiting with humans in Cyprus in 7500 BC and were brought from the Middle East.

– They don’t arrange big celebrations on the wedding day. They simply exchanged gifts.

– In ancient Egypt, the marriage contract first appeared. Under the contract, the husband is obligated to return the dowry in the event of a divorce, as long as he is the one who initiated it. However, wives are also allowed to take the initiative to divorce.

– According to Hollywood movies, the Egyptians only covered their bodies with white cloths, but archaeological excavations say otherwise. They usually don’t dye their clothes, that’s why they keep their natural colors and that includes white. Men usually wear waist length clothes. Women’s clothing consisted of a dress or a linen shawl. It looks very aggressive and will cover all the curves of the body.

– Egyptian medicine can easily compete with many hospitals today. Each doctor has expertise and extensive knowledge of anatomy. Experts have produced artificial eyeballs, fingers, teeth and even limbs. They will also use honey gauze to tie and disinfect the wound.

– The police is also an Egyptian invention. They were formalized during the New Kingdom period. The police are mainly composed of foreign fighters and personnel. The police will ensure order in the city, fight fraud, track down criminals, ensure that market vendors do not deceive customers, and protect palaces and caravans. They are accompanied by service dogs and monkeys.

– In their spare time, the Egyptians entertained themselves with board games. The most famous game is called Senet, the original ancestor of what we know today as chess. The game appeared in the pre-dynastic period (circa 3500 BC).

– Modern archaeologists do not need to open the coffin, unwrap the mummy and disassemble the pieces.

All studies were performed on tomography. It can help to learn about the mummy’s age, gender, social position, diseases the person has suffered throughout life, their diet, and more.


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