UFO hunter claims to have discovered 20m tall aliens in Antarctica

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) hunter has just announced shockingly that he has discovered a huge extraterrestrial creature at least 20m tall in Antarctica.
Image claimed by UFO hunter to be an alien giant
Image claimed by UFO hunter to be an alien giant
The existence of aliens has always been the subject of endless debate, but one conspiracy theorist believes he has proof that aliens have come to Earth.
According to Express, the famous UFO hunter and alien Scott C Waring said he found “alien giants” at least 20m high on the slopes of Antarctica thanks to Google Earth.
“I found a giant figure in Antarctica not far from the entrance to a cave. Google’s measurements estimate that this figure is 20 meters tall and the cave is 22 meters high,” Mr. Waring said in a video posted on the channel. My Youtube.
Image of “giant” and cave entrance as claimed by famous alien and UFO hunter Scott C Waring.
The expert said that the image above was taken by a satellite – an instrument that merely records what it observes.
According to him, there have been claims of 4-5m tall aliens in Russia before, and we have also found many times the giant skeletons of human-like creatures. Therefore, the fact that he discovered the “giant” 20m high is not too strange.
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However, skeptics about the discovery and even NASA said that the “giant” and the entrance to the cave were simply rocks or traces in the snow, and Scott C Waring was deceived. by the phenomenon of pareidolia – psychological obsession with faces. When suffering from this syndrome, an area in the brain is awakened to analyze and recognize faces from images obtained from the eyes.

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