Wildebeest fights with leopards to protect their babies

Despite her best efforts, in the end, the mother wildebeest still had to look at her baby being captured by the leopard.
Wildebeest fight with leopards  to protect baby photo 1

While touring Kruger National Park in South Africa, 24-year-old Nadav Ossendryver captured an extremely dramatic moment in the wildlife world. It is a scene where a mother wildebeest tries her best to protect her newborn baby from boars and leopards.

Wildebeest fight with leopards to protect baby photo 2

Before that, the mother wildebeest gave birth to her young in a small bush.

Wildebeest fight with leopards to protect the baby 3

At first, its fellows were close by, so they also came to protect, but then they went looking for food and left the two wildebeest mother and daughter to fend for themselves.


Wildebeest fight with leopards to protect the baby photo 4

Soon, a little trouble arose when the herd of humped pigs advanced to take the little antelope’s life. Fortunately, the mother antelope was detected in time and quickly chased away the enemy.

Wildebeest fight with leopards to protect the baby 5

However, it did not know that the leopard had discovered the small antelope and quickly rushed to attack .

Wildebeest fight with leopards to protect the baby 6

In just a few minutes of being distracted and busy attacking the boar, the mother antelope let the leopard capture her baby.

Wildebeest fights with leopards to protect the baby photo 7

As for the leopard, this is definitely one of the easiest prey it can catch in its entire life.


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