OFFICIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo was removed from the Portugal Team list


After the recent hectic play schedule, Coach Martinez made the decision to remove Ronaldo from the Portugal Team list. He did this because he wanted Ronaldo to have more time to recuperate with his family due to the lengthy match schedule.

Ronaldo was absent from the match against Team Sweden. (Source: Getty Images)

Ronaldo was absent from the match against Team Sweden. (Source: Getty Images)ZaloFacebookTwitterPrintsCopy link

In preparation for the friendly encounter against Sweden that will take place on March 21, coach Roberto Martinez excluded superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from the list of 24 players who were to be considered for further selection.

In the past, Ronaldo was included on the preliminary list of 32 players who were going to take part in the FIFA Days March friendly match series.

According to ESPN, Coach Martinez made the decision to remove Ronaldo from the team because he wanted him to have more time to relax with his family after the recent stressful match schedule.

In addition to Ronaldo, a large number of other significant players on the Portuguese team were not present for this encounter. These players included Diogo Dalot, Cancelo, Danilo Pereira, Otavio, Ruben Neves, Vitinha, and Joao Felix.


A match versus Slovenia is scheduled to take place on March 26, following the match that the Portuguese Team will play against Sweden. Despite this, there is still a chance that Ronaldo will play in this encounter against the other team.


The Portuguese team will participate in two friendly matches in the month of March as part of their preparation for the 2019 European Championship Finals, which will be hosted in Germany beginning in June of that year.

Ronaldo nổi giận vì đối thủ bắt chước kiểu ăn mừng

Portugal is competing in the event that is being held in Germany. They are in the same group as the Czech Republic, Turkey, and the team that emerges victorious from the play-off round, which may be either Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, or Kazakhstan.


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